River Echoes on the Danube Concert

An update on future concerts of the Alachua Consort:

‘River Echoes’

The Alachua Consort Early/Baroque Chamber Music Series 2014-2015, hosted by St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, 4315 NW 23rd Avenue, Gainesville, FL

There will be three concerts, each beginning at 4:00pm.
2014: Sunday, September 21
Sunday, November 16
2015: Sunday, January 25
The Alachua Consort, John Netardus – oboe, Annemieke Pronker-Coron – violin, and Miriam Zach – organ, will explore Early/Baroque music, traveling on some of the major rivers of the world. The first concert on September 21 will concentrate on Early/Baroque music – River Echoes on the Danube. Admission is free; donations are welcome to St. Michael’s Episcopal Church.